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How Any.DO Gets in Sync

Any.DO is an elegant task management application that helps you manage your life in a simple way. They're in a period of crazy growth — having increased their user base to over 5 million users, doubled their team to twelve people, and expanded beyond their Tel Aviv office into San Francisco.

Why a company that builds a task management tool needs iDoneThis

Everyone at Any.DO uses Any.DO to manage personal and work-related tasks, but according to co-founder and CTO Yoni Lindenfeld, iDoneThis plays a different role.

Any.DO's Office

The Any.DO team has done considerable research on how users manage their tasks, and they've found that "you don't elaborate a lot [when writing tasks] because it's just something that will remind you about what you need to do." Tasks are personal. When tasks are shared among a team, my tasks are often unintelligible to you and vice versa.

Yoni Lindenfeld

Any.DO uses iDoneThis as a way to communicate accomplishments among the team, and so it fills the need for broad public communication about what's getting done in the company.

According to Yoni, iDoneThis works "great because people are writing more details about what they’re doing and other people know more details. It’s a great tool.”

Fostering transparency to keep the team up to speed in a fast-growing company

Communication and coordination are priorities for Any.DO, achieved through transparency regarding the inner workings of the company. “It’s really important for us for everyone to be involved and aware,” declares Yoni, as part of Any.DO’s tight-knit “family-style environment" work culture.

With iDoneThis, there's total transparency on who is getting what done, which provides a basis of common knowledge on what's happening in the company that fosters open communication and frictionless coordination.

It’s a good tool to get new people coming on board to understand what other people are doing and to show what they’re doing.

The internal transparency that iDoneThis helps create goes toward solving one of the biggest challenges of fast growth — how to get all the newbies up to speed without slowing down the rest of the team. “It’s a good tool to get new people coming on board to understand what other people are doing and to show other people what they’re doing.”

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