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How Agiliq Creates Bespoke Webapps by Focusing on Progress

Agiliq is a 12-person web design and development studio based in Hyderabad, India that builds web applications that provide that “just-right” fit for its clients. The key to crafting bespoke webapps relies not only on the ingredients of technology and design but on understanding your client and your client’s issues. But in order to do that, it’s important to master your company's own internal workflow and communication and work with a single team brain.

A better daily report

Before implementing iDoneThis, every Agiliq team member used to email director and developer Shabda Raaj a daily status report. While the process of the daily report was vital to the nuts and bolts of Agiliq's operations, the problem was that every status update came into Shabda's inbox as a separate email.

Agiliq's office in Hyderabad, India

It would take considerable administrative work to collate those emails to distribute the updates to the team, so the upshot is that the team was left in the dark on teammates' progress. At the same time, because he did not send anything out to his team members, Shabda didn't report "down" to the team, so they had no idea what management was up to.

Shabda Raaj, director and developer at Agiliq

iDoneThis was a neat workflow solution, a non-spammy way for team members, including Shabda, to send and receive daily reports automatically and without any extra work, providing transparency within the organization and better plan-making.

While Shabda may have expected the productivity benefits of time-saving and progress-tracking, he was surprised to find that the quality of team members’ daily reports have markedly improved as well. “People obviously care about what the team is reading about them.”

People obviously care about what the team is reading about them

No disruption to existing workflow

Improving workflow regarding daily reports is one thing, but Shabda and the Agiliq team appreciate iDoneThis’s ability to work in concert with other project management tools such as Assembla.

Because iDoneThis works through email, it's dead simple to use and you don't have to change how you work. Since Agiliq is a heavy user of Assembla for tasks such as source control and ticketing, they set up a script that emails Shabda a summary of commits that he edits and sends on to iDoneThis. “It allows us to summarize the progress without a lot of duplication.”

The results: a greatly streamlined workflow and improved capacity to focus on what matters, solving clients’ issues and getting more app-making done.

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