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How Sourceninja Killed its Standup and Gets an Extra 7 Hours of Productivity Every Week

Sourceninja is worry-free open source management made simple. We went through AngelPad, a San Francisco-based accelerator run by ex-Googlers, with founders Brett Hardin and Matt Stump, so we’re proud that they’re one of our oldest and most fanatical customers. They use iDoneThis to cut down on meetings and reclaim valuable productive time.

The negative multiplier effect of meetings and how to cut them down

One of the first lessons of AngelPad that the founder Thomas Korte impressed upon us was to maximize every minute of every meeting, because time spent in meetings has a negative multiplier effect. Every meeting doesn't only cost the amount of time that the meeting takes. Meetings cost the number of minutes the meeting takes multiplied by the number of people in the meeting.

Sourceninja's office at First Floor Labs

That's why meetings can have such a huge, negative effect on productivity in a company. For the Sourceninja team, they used to run 20 minute standups for their four-member team on a daily basis. 20 minutes five days a week for four people multiplies out to close to 7 hours per week spent in their daily standup.

iDoneThis is the easiest method I've found to have open communication in a team.

The guys at Sourceninja love iDoneThis because it’s a time-saving tool. With iDoneThis, they've killed their daily standup. At the end of every day, iDoneThis emails the team to ask, "What'd you get done today?" Just reply. The next morning, instead of holding a meeting to find out what everyone did, just check your email. iDoneThis sends the team a digest of what got done yesterday--to get everyone synced up and kickstart another productive day.

Matt Stump, co-founder of Sourceninja

Instead of spending time in meetings, the Sourceninja team is getting stuff done. Brett told us that iDoneThis is “the easiest method I’ve found to have open communication in a team."

That means a lot to us because Brett and his co-founder Matt have worked in the trenches as software developers at many different companies as they've attempted at solving the hard problem of communication: how do you stay focused and communicate what you’re doing? Besides standups, they’ve used wikis, sat in other kinds of meetings, and written weekly email rollups.

iDoneThis succeeds where other methods have failed because it gives visibility into the entire company and provides a record of everything that’s getting done, but it doesn’t force people to waste time listening to information that’s irrelevant to them.

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