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How Pipedrive Achieves International Scale by Working Remotely

Pipedrive builds CRM software that salespeople actually like to use. They have an amazing story — they’ve gone from co-founder Timo Rein selling books door-to-door in San Jose to a company that spans three continents and has created one of the hottest and most useful sales tools on the market today. We’re so proud to be the tool they use to make their distributed team awesome.

They've stayed connected as a distributed team with iDoneThis

From day one, Pipedrive's ambition has been global. They know that sales is a problem that knows no boundaries—not language nor culture—and so from day one, their scope has been international. Pipedrive was founded in Estonia, but at any given time, its founders are in Tallinn, San Francisco, Santiago, or Nairobi to spread the good word about Pipedrive.

With distributed teams, there’s a daily struggle for team members to maintain a basic understanding of each other, especially across different disciplines. We get stuck in our silos. At Pipedrive, marketing has its own Skype chat and its own weekly standups. Engineering has its nose in Asana and it’s filled with technical mumbo jumbo that no one else in the company can understand.

Pipedrive's iDoneThis

iDoneThis bridges this divide. Just taking 30 seconds to write down the three highlights from the day pays huge dividends in giving the team a basic understanding of teammates’ contributions and the direction and progress of the company. They dig up the company roadmap on a quarterly basis at Pipedrive and have a “all-hands" meeting. iDoneThis keeps the company together and headed in the right direction in the meantime.

New employee onboarding with iDoneThis

Pipedrive Hackathon

With the success of Pipedrive has come the company's rapid growth. While hiring quickly, one of the biggest challenges is getting new hires to learn the company ropes as quickly as possible and get comfortable with the team so that they're able to jump in and contribute immediately.

Pipedrive recently had a new developer start working for them remotely, and because the team hadn't yet gotten comfortable with him and vice versa, he was immediately bombarded by questions on Skype asking him what he got done by four different people every day. On Skype, it’s hard to tell what someone is feeling, and the most benign questions can become irritating and overbearing.

The new developer was thrilled to use iDoneThis, because now no one pesters him to find out what he’s done, everyone just knows. All the new guy had to do was share his dones for the day in iDoneThis, and it was broadcasted to the entire team.

New Pipedrive office under construction in Tallin

Pipedrive exemplifies how a company can use international reach to drive revenue growth. To make that happen, they’ve mastered the art of working together remotely. We’re proud to be a part of their workflow, one that encourages understanding and appreciating the work of other business divisions and one that fosters daily participation in and ownership over the trajectory of the company as a whole.

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