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Slow Web

At iDoneThis, we believe in taking it slow.

We're part of the slow web movement. We want to encourage reflection, emphasize doing, and foster human connection — things that take time to practice, build, grow, and nurture.

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There’s a cost to paying too much attention to screens and streams. So instead of facilitating the frittering away of your time and energy, we want to empower you to be productive in what really matters to you and help you to engage with and gain insight from your work.

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Don't get trapped by overly focusing on simply getting stuff done, leading to an exhausting cycle of tackling the next task and the next. We hope to slow you down and give you some perspective by “unlock[ing] value from deeper in the past”, because it's important to take stock and see the progress you make, day by day. Celebrating and communicating what you get done — whether it’s simply shining a light on your own progress or sharing that light with your teammates — creates a greater ability to steer where you want and shifts your motivation in a nourishing, supportive way.

We aim to make iDoneThis a quieter channel that supports the reflection, contemplation, and connection that enables you to better create and communicate. We hope that by tapping into the power of slower web, whatever it is that helps us really listen to ourselves and each other — we can create lasting value, build momentum, and find more joy.

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