Come work with us

Who we are

The grand mission of iDoneThis is to make people happier and better at work. We aim to enable transparency within organizations and offer the benefits of motivation and insight that lightweight journaling and tracking can bring.

Above all, our customers' success is our success.

We believe in the Slow Web. Namely, a product shouldn't seek to maximize the attention it gets from its users but focus on delivering useful information at the right time.

We take pride in our craft and are always thinking about self-improvement and service.

How we work

We are a small distributed team. We have an office in New York, but we operate just like we did when everyone worked remotely. That means lots of written, asynchronous communication using tools like Github, Hipchat, Asana, and iDoneThis. We strive to over-communicate and to be transparent.

On any given day, you can expect to interact with the rest of the team but mostly have large blocks of uninterrupted time to work. We keep meetings to a minimum.

That we're a small team means that every project comes with autonomy. Decisions are made by those implementing them. You can expect to have a lot of control over what tools to use, what problems to work on, and how to go about solving them.

Who we're looking for

We currently have no open positions. However, we always interested in talking to remarkable people. If you think you are a particularly good fit, please email us at

The next couple of people to join iDoneThis will have significant impact on the vision and direction of the company. We'll think of you as a late-stage founder rather than as an early employee. As such, you should be particularly interested in the product space and have a strong entrepreneurial drive.