Team Management

How do I send the team invoice to someone else, like my accounting department?

Can iDoneThis bill everyone on my team separately?

How do I change the credit card information for my account?

I want to change my team's reminder emails from "What'd you get done today?" to another message. How do I do this?

How do I upgrade my team from the monthly plan to the yearly plan?

How do I change my team's name?

I see some of my team members' emails are "reduced due to inactivity." What's this?

How do I start a team?

What happens to my credit card information when I deactivate my team?

When does my credit card get charged?

How do I change my team's email settings?

What's a Team Manager?

How do I make someone else a Team Manager?

How do I add and remove team members?

What happens when I "like" or comment on a team member's entry?

What happens when I follow or unfollow somebody on my team?

My colleague is starting an iDoneThis team. What should I do to join?

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