What are tags?

Tags are internal word markers you can add to your dones to organize them.

Tags are made up of a hashtag symbol "#" followed immediately by a word. You can make a project, a goal or a client a tag. For example:

  • "#ProjectX"
  • "#First-Quarter-Goal"
  • "#ClientA"

Add tags to the end of your dones to mark it as part of a particular project. For example:

  • Team meeting to finalize presentation #ProjectX.
  • Closed 3 more deals with Companies A, B & C. Getting closer to our #First-Quarter-Goal
  • Returned #ClientA phone call with updated stats.

You can create tags for anything you like, and pull up other entries with the same tag.

What are tags for?

Tags are useful for categorizing your team's entries into different projects, departments or priorities. For example:

  • Tags help you focus on a specific project and track progress on it.
  • Tags save you time when reviewing your team's dones. Filter entries by the tag most relevant to your needs, rather than having to browse the team's dones.
  • Tags help you track how often something happens. If your team members always mark a particular event with a tag, for example, "#resolved" whenever they resolve an issue, you'll be able to see how often this event occurs.

Note that Tags are currently only available to iDoneThis Team accounts or to iDoneThis Gold accounts.

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