Our customers are our investors

We're proud to have investors that started out as iDoneThis customers and fans.

They're invested to build a product and company that last.

Tony Hsieh CEO at Zappos
Daniel Pink Author of Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
Tobi Lutke CEO at Shopify
Gokul Rajaram Product Engineering Lead at Square
Kai Huang Co-founder of Guitar Hero
Teresa Amabile Professor at Harvard Business School
Will Young Director at Zappos Labs
Andy White Partner at Vegas Tech Fund
Zach Ware No Title II at Zappos
Keval Desai Partner at InterWest Partners
Thomas Korte Founder at AngelPad
Jay Gould CEO at Yashi
Rich Paret Senior Engineering Manager at Twitter
Luc Levesque VP of SEO at TripAdvisor
Jamie Lin Founder at appWorks Ventures
Chris Savage CEO at Wistia
Luke McLoughlin Attorney at Duane Morris
Jody Glidden CEO at Introhive
Jay Meattle CEO at Shareaholic
Tytus Michalski Managing Director at Fresco Capital Advisors
Mason Du Founder at Benbria
Krishna Jha Partner at Telnet Ventures
Vlad Stan Founder at Geekcelerator
Steven Kramer Author of The Progress Principle
Rick Armbrust Business Development Manager at Facebook
Eric Kim CEO at Twylah
Michael Ciklin Co-founder at ClippPR
Steve Slovick President at PriceSpective
Dave Balter Executive Chairman at BzzAgent
Mark Fernandes Managing Director at Sierra Ventures

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iDoneThis wouldn't exist without these prolific and awesome people who get stuff done, every day.

Matteo Becchi Washington, D.C. I'm a seasoned IT Project and Program Manager (PMP) actively pursuing a masters in Organization Development at AU.
593 dones Member since September 13, 2011
Larry Burge Granville, Ohio Retired from the State of Ohio as Deputy Administrator in Public Safety. Currently have a part-time job with Denison ...
4,358 dones Member since August 22, 2011
Ari Meisel Bridgehampton, NY Created Less Doing after overcoming Crohn's Disease. Helping people optimize, automate & outsource everything in their lives.
3,511 dones Member since December 29, 2011
Shawn Butts interwebernets Interwebernet wrangler
106 dones Member since December 29, 2013
Tim Olynik Calgary Husband. Dad. Realtor. Content creator. Basketball lover. Genuinely happy guy.
1,436 dones Member since February 28, 2014
Kosuke Makihara Yokohama, Japan somewhat lost 20-something. Trying to go back on track.
643 dones Member since January 5, 2014
Andrew McCluskey Los Angeles I make music to work to: http://music2work2.com
2,319 dones Member since May 29, 2013
Peter Lada New York Code poet. Espresso fiend. Starter upper. Currently building Easy Pairings. http://easypairings.com
555 dones Member since March 13, 2013
Francine Glazer New York Institute of ... I'm the assistant provost and director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at New York Institute of Technology.
4,338 dones Member since May 15, 2012

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